Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 101

Most scholars speculate Spaniels to have been originated from Spain. The name of the breed suggests the same. Some alternative views explain they are Asian dogs, which migrated to west. To our collective knowledge Spaniels go till 1400s. However it is believed, their ancestry could be older. For now, we can safely conclude they came from Continental Europe of 14th century.

Here’s a breed that shares the ancestry as well as royalty – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It may have descended from small spaniels like pug. In the 15th century, it was brought to Scotland. Here is where, they became fashion statement for noble class. King Charles II took special liking to this breed. His highness lent his name to the breed. He seldom goes out without his Spaniels. When their Empire came to an end, popularity of Spaniels had a free fall. It almost became an extinct breed within few decades.

During that golden era of the breed, they spend most time warming on laps of nobility. They were to snooze and share the beds. It was for them to attract flees and save their masters from plague. In the modern English speaking world, they are classic lap dogs.

Looks and character

The King Charles Spaniels are a sweet, kind and loving breed. The puppies make noise that doesn’t differ much from chickens. That’s their impeccable cuteness quotient. People love them for their beautiful faces. King Charles’ are addictive kissers.

The gentle and cute look is what highlights the breed. Their large dark brown eyes stand out. Its silky coat and feather on the ears are pleasing to the eye. Feathering extends to chest, tails, feet and leg. They come in four different colors – Prince Charles (Tricolor including black and white), King Charles (Black and tan), Ruby (Rich mahogany) and Blenheim (Chestnut and white).

Behavior and temperament

These happy go lucky dogs have incredible temperament. It likes everyone, including random stranger. This quality makes them pathetic watchdogs, since they become friendly with just about anyone. For most part, they always have their tails wagging. They are best suited for companion dogs as well as family dogs.

They are kid friendly besides being family friendly. Kids love these dogs and vice versa. Their interaction requires adult supervision for an interesting reason. The kids need to play gentle with this sweet and loving breed. They love to please anyone and require the least of training.

King Charles can live in all places. They need their daily walk which has to be done in an inner cool place during summer. Their lifespan is in range of 10-14 years. Their Achilles heel is the mitral valve heart disease. It is the number one cause of death in Cavalier Spaniels.

Cavaliers require excessive grooming. The feathering on eyes needs to be given special attention. Its hair is prone to tangling. It wouldn’t make sense to not groom a dog like Cavalier Spaniel. A dirty King Charles is a painful sight. Daily grooming is recommended.

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