Sweet Dogs with bulky nature and temper!!


Dogs are of a friendly nature. Some are aggressive some are sweet. Various varieties of dogs are there. One of the variety is known is chevalier spaniel. This type of dogs is very costly to buy. Only royal or well settle persons can afford to buy them. The average life expectant of the cavalier dogs is between 10 and 14 years. Dogs often do many works. These are police dogs, hunting dogs, rescue dogs etc. This dog is small in size. Mainly these dogs are found in foreign countries like the US etc. People called this dog domestic.

Colour Choice

These dogs are most beautiful among all dogs. They have lots of variety of colors. These puppies look simply gorgeous. The colors of a chevalier spaniel are given as follows:-

  • Blenheim- White and chestnut marking are seen in a cavalier dog. It has chestnut marking on the ears and white color in the background. It looks the combination of white and light brown color. People especially kids like to buy this dog.
  • Ruby- This type of dogs is especially found in America. They are basically brown in color and is very cute. It is a small puppy with long ears and full of hair in their body.
  • Black and Pan- This chevalier dog has a black color body with tan highlighted on it. The lifespan of this type of dog is 10 to 12 years. They are found basically in the USA. They are basically popular in hunting than in show dog and pet. This dog always requires someone’s company. They are gentle and tolerable to kids. But they are very aggressive towards strangers’ dog.
  • Tri-color- This type of dog is a mixture of black and white in color. They are found in Australia, America. They are gentle, playful, friendly, ideal companion to their family. Their presence of mind is very good. They are tolerable to both kids and strangers.

Health Problems

The problem for health found in this dog is quite rarely seen. Chevalier spaniel is affected by ear problems, heart problem, hereditary eye issues etc. The main reason for health issues are

  • Mitral valve disease- This type of disease is caused at the age of 4 to 7 years of age. In this type of disease, heart efficiency reduces. Here basically there is shortness of breathing. In short, they occur breathing problem.
  • Syringomyelia- This type of disease is caused by the brain and spine. The symptoms by which one can find this disease is severe pain and paralysis. This type of disease is present of any age group.
  • Episodic falling- This type of disease is caused due to muscular disorder. In short, it means that the dog will not be able to move their muscles. This symptom can be noticed at age of 4 months to 4 years.


People love dog because they serve for family members. The chevalier dogs are very sweet in gesture and can become easily friend of people. One of the best quotes that suit for a dog is you can buy a dog with the help of money but in return, you will get the love and affection from them.

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